We work to continuously improve our production processes, optimising resources and always guaranteeing the maximum quality of the products.

The “Quality Control” department is one of the mainstays of the company. It manages, develops and guarantees all the technical requirements of each production, remaining in permanent contact with the customer to provide total transparency and project monitoring. This department has qualified personnel, materials and equipment to manage and perform the main ENDs: X-rays, Ultrasonic test, Hardness test, Magnetic Particles test, Dye penetrant test, Visual/Surface Analysis and Dimensional Control.

In addition, FAED Safety has been integrated into the daily activities as part of the quality itself, constantly implanting preventive actions and putting the health and safety of the workers ahead of any other priority.

Quality and environment policy
Certificado ISO 9001:2015
Russian maritime register of shipping
China Classification Society

Steel references

MARTENSITIC STAINLESS STEELS: Table with our steel/alloy references
Structural Steels FeG450 GS200 A216 – WCA
FeG520 GS240/G20Mn5 A216 – WCB
FeG60 A148-80/50
G20Mo5 1.5419 A217 – WC1
G17CrMo5-5 1.7357 A217 – WC6
G17CrMo9-10 1.7380 A217 – WC9
G34CrMo4 1.7230
G42CrMo4 1.7231
G20NiMoCr4 1.6750
G17NiCrMo13-6 1.6781
XG15CrMo5 A217-C5
FeG65.1 A148-90-60
FeG65.2 A148-90-60
FeG70 A148-105-85
FeG80 A148-120-95
A352 LCB
A352 LCC
G9Ni14 1.5638
GP240GH 1.0619
GP280GH 1.0625
G15CrMoV6-3 1.0706 A 356 gr 9
Martensitic Stainless Steels Gx12Cr13 GX12Cr12 1.4011 A743-CA15
GX7CrNiMo12-1 1.4008
Gx30Cr13 1.4027 A743-CA40
Gx6CrNi13/04 GX4CrNiMo13-4 1.4313 A743-CA6NM
Gx4CrNiMo16-5-1 GX4CrNiMo16-5-1 1.4405
GX4CrNiMo16-5-2 1.4411
GX5CrNiCu16-4 1.4525
Austenitic Stainless Steels Gx6CrNi 2010 GX5CrNi19-10 1.4308 A743 – CF8
Gx6CrNiMo 2011 GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 1.4408 A743 – CF8M
Gx6CrNiNb 2011 GX5CrNiNb19-11 1.4552 A743 – CF8C
Gx10CrNi 2414 1.4556 A743 – CH10
Gx16CrNi 2521 1.4547 A743 – CK20
Gx2CrNi 1910 GX2CrNi19-11 1.4306 A743 – CF3
Gx2CrNiMo 1911 GX2CrNiMo19-11-2 1.4404 A743 – CF3M
Gx6CrNiMo 201103 A743 – CG8M
A351 – CF10MC
A351 – CG3M
Duplex A743 CE30
A743 CD4MCuN
A890 1A
A890 1B
A890 1C
A890 2A
GX2CrNiMoN22-5-3 A890 4A
GX2CrNiMoN25-7-3 A890 5A
GX2CrNiMoN25-7-3 A890 6A
GX2CrNiMoCuN 25-6-3-3 1.4517
Refractory Steels Gx30CrNi 2010 1.4825 A297 – HF
Gx35CrNi 2512 1.4837 A297 – HH
Gx40CrNi 2620 1.4848 A297 – HK
Gx35NiCr 2521 A297 – HN
Gx50NiCr 3515 1.4865 A297 – HT
Gx55NiCr 6617 2.4867 A297 – HX
High Creep Resistant Steels GX23CrMoV12-1 1.4931
GX12CrMoVNbN 9 1
GX13CrMoCoVNbNB 9 2
Steel references

Quality control resources

  • CAD design
  • Project management.
  • Technical consultancy.
  • Thermal treatment design.
  • Planning.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Ultrasound scans.
  • Magnetic particles.
  • 3D control.
  • X-Rays.
  • Homologated welding.
  • Materials and alloys.

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